Kevin Love Sweepstakes Has Three Viable Options Remaining

By Kareem Gantt
Kevin Love
Brad Rempel-USA Today Sports

Now that all of the big names in free agency have gone to their teams of choice, the focus now turns to the three teams vying to win the Kevin Love sweepstakes.

In one corner we have the Cleveland Cavaliers, who give Love the best chance to compete for championships now that the best player in the world is back home. The hiccup with Cleveland has been the team’s on again, off again commitment to trading their No. 1 pick, Andrew Wiggins. One week he is in trade talks, the next minute he’s out, the next minute he’s in and then, all of the sudden, the Cavaliers sign him to his rookie deal. I am starting to believe that Cleveland loves shooting itself in the foot.

In the opposite corner we have the Golden State Warriors, who also have a great shot of being contenders with him on board. But just like the Cavaliers, the Warriors are refusing to part ways with Klay Thompson, and it could be a move that comes back to bite Golden State hard.

And last but not least we have the Denver Nuggets, who, according to sources, present the best trade package for Minnesota. But the Nuggets are a team that is not going to be contending for the next two years, and Love has stated that he has no desire to play for a rebuilding team, hence why he wants out of Minnesota so badly.

So which team will win? I don’t know. You have two contenders that are reluctant to give up their assets for the greater good of the team and a team willing to give up the farm that has no shot at contending anytime soon. I still think Cleveland will find a way to pull it off, but as of right now, nobody knows what is going to happen with Love.

But we do know this for certain: He will not be with the Minnesota Timberwolves after next season.

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