Los Angeles Lakers: Ed Davis Was Team's Best Signing

By Brendan Patel
Justin Ford - USA TODAY Sports
Justin Ford – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers struggled to sign any impact free-agents this offseason, as they were unable to convince any superstars to come to Hollywood. As a result, they were forced to look elsewhere for players that could contribute. They were fortunate that Ed Davis was still on the market, and did an excellent job of convincing him to sign a short-term deal for a very reasonable price.

Davis represents the type of role player that the Lakers needed to pursue this offseason. He is an extremely athletic, big man who is capable of playing on both sides of the court. He fits well next to some of the below-the-rim players on the team, and is versatile enough to guard centers and power forwards. While he is still learning on the defensive end, he gives the team a rim protector that they lacked last season as well as a mobile option to combat the growing number of high-flying big men. The team needs as much speed and explosiveness as possible to cover the weaknesses of the veterans on the team on the defensive side of the court.

He is also an inexpensive option who is looking to prove that he belongs in the league. He declined an extension earlier in the season, and now finds himself on a Lakers team with a lot of playing time up for grabs. He has the talent to be an important contributor and is eager to improve his game.

Signing Davis to a short term deal was arguably the team’s best signing of the offseason. He will benefit from the amount of playmakers on the team, while giving the team flexibility in the future. He will bolster their bench and give the team a good defensive presence down low. The team needed to add youth and athleticism, and they did that by bringing in Davis.

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