Los Angeles Lakers: What Byron Scott Can Provide

By Allen Yates
Byron Scott
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The Los Angeles Lakers have been taking their time, turning over every rock to see who will be the next coach of the purple and gold. The coaching position has been a bit of a problem of late for the Lakers, who have tried their hands on several coaches since the great Phil Jackson left.

The Lakers hired Mike Brown, a defensive-minded coach who had the luxury of coaching Lebron James during his first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Brown seemed to be just what the doctor ordered, a defense-first attitude and a knack for coaching big-name talent. Unfortunately things began to go south in a hurry, and Brown was relieved of his duties after a mere five games. The Lakers went 1-4 during this time, with Steve Nash playing just a game and a half during this losing slide.

Interim coach Bernie Bickerstaff took over until a head coach was named. The Lakers had a chance to hire the Zen master Phil Jackson, but instead tried their hand on yet another “Mike.” Mike D’Antoni was hired. Many speculated that this hire was strictly to aid Nash, who thrived under the uptempo eight-second-or-less offense. Times changed, and Nash just couldn’t be the Nash of old.

The D’antoni signing was a pure head-scratcher, simply because his style of play didn’t find the roster provided. After some dismal years in Tinseltown, D’antoni was fired as well. The Lakers have since interviewed everyone, headlined by Byron Scott.

Scott is a coach the Lakers are familiar with, most notably their duels early in the playoffs when Scott was head coach of the New Orleans Hornets, led by Chris Paul. Scott also has a great relationship with Kobe Bryant, who recently endorsed Scott as the guy who needs to be the leader of the Lakers.

The Lakers need someone like Scott, a proven coach who knows how to handle adversity. Scott will also provide something that every franchise needs: stability. With a coach in place that players know will be there for quite some time, it is easier to draw players in due to the stability in the front office. Scott is a coach that will mesh together being well-liked and a hard-nosed coach effortlessly.

While the preliminary stages of negotiations are underway, it seems certain that Scott will become the head coach of the Lakers sooner than later.

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