NBA Rumors: San Antonio Spurs Opening At Cleveland Cavaliers Would Be A Travesty

By Nick Sciria
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Recent reports have stated that the San Antonio Spurs will open the 2014-2015 NBA regular season against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the road at Quicken Loans Arena. Rightfully so, the NBA wants to schedule LeBron James in his return to Cleveland to kick off the season. However, having the defending champions travel to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers is an absolute travesty, and if true, embarrassing for the NBA that it is even being considered.

I have no problem if the Cavaliers host the first game of the NBA season, but there is no reason it needs to be against the Spurs. After Dwyane Wade’s recent comments about his former teammate James, why can’t the Cavaliers open versus the Miami Heat? Another plausible option would be the Chicago Bulls, as Derrick Rose and company will most likely rival the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference all season.

If the Spurs do indeed play a road game to start the upcoming season, San Antonio’s organization will not care. The Spurs have made a living staying out of drama and sticking to what they do. With leaders like Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan, the organization has been only business.

Most likely, the Spurs do not care about the season opener being in Cleveland, however, that is not the point. San Antonio’s recent achievements must be celebrated on opening night in front of a great fan base inside the AT&T Center. San Antonio deserves this respect because the players, coaching staff, front office and fans have earned that honor.

If this rumor becomes true, disrespecting such an incredible team will certainly cause a stir around the league. If Popovich really wanted to get back at the NBA for the move, a shocking hypothetical would be the Spurs sitting Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Duncan on opening night as is done multiple times during an NBA season in San Antonio. Instead, Popovich will most likely use this as motivation in a different way, attempting to capture his sixth NBA title, a much better way to get revenge for the lack of respect by the NBA.

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