Robert Horry Would Be Great Hire For Byron Scott, Los Angeles Lakers

By Andrew Fisher
Robert Horry
Getty Images

The Los Angeles Lakers finally have a direction to go in after the hiring of Byron Scott as head coach. It also took a while for the team’s roster to come together, but most of the pieces are finally in place.

The next step for Scott is putting together a staff of assistant coaches. Gary Payton is a rumored candidate, and it appears Robert Horry is too:

There’s no word yet as to how Horry views a potential job with the Lakers, but it’s definitely a smart move by the team to reach out to him. Scott has repeatedly talked about bringing a winning culture back to L.A., and if there’s anyone who knows winning, it’s Big Shot Rob.

Horry not only knows what it takes to win championships, he knows what it takes to win championships in L.A. He knows what it means to put on that Laker uniform.

It’s an honor and privilege to play for any NBA team. It’s a special honor to suit up for the Lakers. That’s a point Horry can really drive home to the young players.

Whoever Scott brings on as his assistants, they’ve got a long road ahead. The championship picture is far in the distance at this point. First things first, the Lakers have to become respectable again. They’ll only be able to do that with hard work and a great staff of coaches in place.

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