Dan Le Batard Attempts To Troll LeBron James With Ad In Cleveland Paper, Fails

By RantSports Staff
LeBron James
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James left the Miami Heat a few weeks back with a powerfully worded essay. He explained his intentions to go back home to Cleveland, and ultimately came across as a guy who enjoyed his stint in South Beach, but was ready to move on.

One thing you didn’t see from LeBron was a full page ad in the newspaper thanking Heat fans (not like it was necessary). But one Miami sports personality took issue with James not appreciating Heat fans — Dan Le Batard. So on a recent episode of his radio show, Le Batard brought up the idea of Heat fans taking the high road and thanking James with a full page ad in an Ohio paper.

He wasn’t kidding.

Le Batard’s show contacted the Cleveland Plain Dealer about placing an ad that most think should look similar to this:

Sadly, the Plain Dealer declined the ad idea.

“They have declined our money. They do not want our money. They will not allow us to put our ad in the paper,” said Le Batard via Cleveland.com.

There’s no doubt this would’ve gone down as one of the all-time great troll jobs.


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