Michael Beasley Could be Interesting Fit with Los Angeles Lakers

Michael Beasley

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The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to bolster their roster since the regular season ended. As free agency started, the Lakers were hopeful they would land a big name to pair alongside Hall-of-Fame shooting guard Kobe Bryant. Unfortunately they did not land the talents of LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony, the latter seeming to be more tangible. The wait came and went, and the Lakers did not land either cornerstone piece.

They have since acquired the likes of Jeremy Lin and Carlos Boozer. While neither one has talent comparable to James or Anthony, the Lakers have to take what they can get. Neither Boozer nor Lin is a downgrade at their position on the Lakers roster, especially Boozer. Boozer has some big shoes to fill, replacing the much-criticized Pau Gasol.

The Lakers are now looking to fill out the roster and have worked out the ever-talented Michael Beasley. Beasley could be a very good piece for the Lakers if things work out in his favor. The former No. 2 overall selection has certainly not lived up to the hype he accumulated in college. Beasley could use the Lakers as a chance to turn his career around before time passes him by.

The 25-year-old Beasley has a skill set that some can only dream about. The 6-foot-10, 235-pound forward can do almost anything he desires on the court, from dribbling to knocking down long-range shots. Beasley was an absolute beast in college, putting up mind boggling double-doubles. His gaudy numbers put him at the top of draft boards after MVP Derrick Rose.

The careers of these two players have gone opposite ways; Rose is an MVP while Beasley is searching for minutes. He can find those minutes playing for the Lakers. Beasley could work his way into a starting position at small forward, taking the spot from the super-athletic Wesley Johnson. His skill set trumps that of Johnson, but it may not be about skill for Beasley.

Beasley is one of those players who simply can’t get out of his own way. He has had numerous run-ins with the law and the NBA front office. Beasley was forced to go to rehab for various reasons, and many see him as a headache for a team’s front office. One thing is for sure; Los Angeles isn’t the most ideal place for a player like Beasley.

The numerous off-court distractions could loom as a problem if in fact he ends up in the purple and gold. Hopefully he soon realizes that he could very well be out of the league in the next couple of years. With this thought in the back of his head, maybe Beasley can return to form for the sake of the Lakers.

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  • Christian Michael

    If they sign him, you can’t tell me Lakers roster not gone be nice?

    • The fan

      All the Lakers fans want to have a Championship Parade why can’t we do it .We have Kobe and Nash and Boozer.Two new Rookie that can play hard and hold there own with any one Nash could pass to both of them and easy baskets. ALMOST ALL THE GUYS ARE BACK FROM LAST YEAR GOOD GUYS FAST YOUNG DEFENSE GUYS Hill Henry Johnson Swagger P.Kelly drops 3 pointer bring in Beasley 6’10 ruff guy. ALSO WE NEED IS peace his tuff championship attitude can help use play Defense that no one goes into ghetto paint because we will drop you I. The Ghetto point Bring in Horry as Asian rance an Cooper Madison Play to win play as one the Parade is calling our town 17th Championship sat it 16 time Loud Champion say again can wait for the Parade see you there Fans Rule.