Gregg Popovich’s Hip Replacement Surgery Should Concern San Antonio Spurs

By winstonharris
Gregg Popovich
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It is easy to get caught up in the offseason buzz about who is going where and how much will this player sign for. It might not be as hectic for the San Antonio Spurs with players like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard, but they can still draw a lot of attention. Someone who should be receiving more attention right now is Gregg Popovich, as he comes off of hip-replacement surgery.

The Spurs’ head coach is not one for dramatizing a situation or even speaking about it, which could be the reason you may not have known about his offseason procedure. Most people didn’t even know Popovich needed the survey, since he stormed up and down the sidelines all season without a hitch. But the 65-year-old man, almost devoid of all emotion during the season, could be showing signs of fatigue after a long coaching career.

San Antonio had to be well aware of Popovich’s health issues, but elected to sign the future hall-of-fame coach anyway. It may have been a no-brainer to sign the man who has led you to five NBA titles, but maybe some thought should’ve gone into the future and how much “Pop” has left in the tank.

While the Spurs don’t elicit their contract information, it’s rumored that Popovich could be staying in the Alamo City for at least four more years. Could Popovich’s health hold up for that long or longer? For the most part, his health record has been as clean as the board of health itself, but with age does come issues like these. With Popovich being such an integral part of the Spurs, it would be a crushing blow for him to leave for any reason, especially for a health concern.

Since Popovich has taken care of his hip, there should be no reason for worry at all. But the time will come when the Popovich and the rest of the core group will have to move along from the game as they know it and the Spurs’ organization must prepare for that day.

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