Kevin Durant Needs to Stop Hanging Out With Justin Bieber

By Matt Barnes
Kevin Durant and Justin Bieber
Getty Images

Recently, a photo of Justin Bieber and Kevin Durant at brunch was posted by Durant to Instagram. I surely couldn’t have been the only person unaware of this friendship. Though Bieber isn’t a child any longer, this bromance is quite odd to onlookers. Imagine what they look like walking down the street together. One of them is a 6-foot-11 physical freak. The other is a 5-foot nothing, leather pant wearing, tattoo flaunting pretty boy. Not the smoothest of combinations.

Nonetheless, Durant has never been about the dramatic and flamboyant lifestyle like that of Bieber. Durant’s business is hardly ever in the news while Bieber’s is never out of it. If Justin gets the hiccups, TMZ knows before Bieber can hold his breath to get rid of them.

Logically, it makes sense that these two would hang out. Bieber has always been a fan of professional sports, and even won the MVP in the 2011 NBA Celebrity All-Star game. That was vintage Bieber, though. Flowing hair, no tats and the perfect amount of baby fat to make him still look innocent. Ah, memories.

Durant has always also expressed interest in the music business, even recording some of his own rap songs in studio. Durant has said he takes music very seriously and he truly loves to rap. Bieber has also started rapping as of late and perhaps the two are planning to collaborate. That scenario is more likely than Durant trying to get Bieber a contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Whatever the relationship is, it needs to stop. Bieber is a detriment. He seems to be the center of drama wherever he goes and Durant does not need any distractions on his quest to win his first career NBA championship. Durant needs to focus on getting stronger and becoming a better player. Bieber has been involved in altercations with Orlando Bloom, Keyshawn Johnson. He’s been arrested for DUI and charged with assault. Problems follow the pop sensation.

Durant needs none of the problems that being friends with Justin Bieber comes with.

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