Michael Beasley May Be Worth The Risk For Los Angeles Lakers

By Brendan Patel
Greg M. Cooper - USA TODAY Sports
Greg M. Cooper – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers have a few more spots to fill on their roster, and Michael Beasley may be the player they choose to sign. Beasley was having a good year last season before falling out of the rotation down the stretch. He showed signs of maturity and seems to be dealing with his off the court issues. He hasn’t drawn much interest during the offseason, and should be an inexpensive option for the organization. While it is a risky decision, the Lakers should consider signing Beasley to a short-term contract.

The Lakers currently only have one true small forward on the roster in Wesley Johnson, and need to look to add depth to their wing position. Beasley is a gifted player who has struggled to put it all together since entering the league as a high draft pick. He has yet to reach his potential and will benefit from playing alongside veterans such as Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash. There aren’t many talented players on the market for his price range, and the Lakers need to take advantage.

Beasley has shown an ability to put the ball on the floor and score points. He is not afraid to be aggressive, and can be considered an option to start or bolster the bench. He is a very good rebounder when he puts his mind to it, although getting him to focus can be difficult at times. He needs to improve on the defensive end of the court, but has the athleticism to become a good two-way player.

There are a lot of question marks surrounding Beasley, but the Lakers do not necessarily have the luxury of attracting the best players to play for them at the moment. Beasley has a lot of talent, but needs guidance in putting it all together. The Lakers have the veterans who can push him to become better and the organization should be willing to take a risk to improve their roster.

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