Mike Conley Must Emerge as a Star Point Guard For Memphis Grizzlies This Season

By Nathan Grubel
Mike Conley
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question that Mike Conley has been a real leader and playmaker for the Memphis Grizzlies during his time with the team.

Conley has improved his numbers every single year that he has been in the league as he has learned more about the point guard position and continued to improve his awareness on both ends of the floor. Conley was a top-five pick when he was drafted because of his athletic abilities along with his toughness on both ends of the floor. Those characteristics have helped him become the player that he is today.

Conley is a capable leader on both ends of the floor, as he is able to score in a variety of ways on offense as well as set his teammates up for easy looks. Defensively, Conley is a lockdown defender capable of limiting the impact of the opposing team’s point guard while also being one of the better ball thieves in the NBA. Conley hustles and plays hard; it does not matter if the team is up or down by 20. Conley has a lot of heart and has continued to quietly be one of the more effective point guards in the league.

Conley is a good player, he just is not a great one quite yet. Conley is not a star point guard in the league because he is not yet the consistent offensive player his potential says that he can be. Conley can shoot with range, but he has not been able to do it at a high clip. When Conley is given the responsibilities of being the lead dog on offense, he does not always rise to the occasion. Yes he has gotten many timely buckets in his career, but Conley needs to learn how to be more consistent over the entire game offensively, as well as get a better command over his three point shot. With his speed and handle, if Conley could be a more prolific outside scorer, then a whole new world of offensive opportunities would open up to him.

Conley is already a stout defender, he just needs to continue to improve on offense in both being a shooter and a go-to bucket getter. If Conley can do both of those things, then he could be poised for stardom this upcoming season. The Grizzlies need offense, and they would love to get more out of one of their best leaders in Conley.

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