Oklahoma City Thunder Fans Shouldn't Worry About Kevin Durant to Washington Wizards Talk

By jacobshackelford
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington Wizards
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With all the news of Kevin Durant possibly leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016, I can’t help but think how Thunder fans would react if he really did leave for the Washington Wizards. I don’t know that you’d see burning jerseys or things of that nature, but there would be a much different mood should Durant decide to leave. Losing Durant would be like your first love breaking up with you when you were so sure that it was going to last forever. Getting your heart broken is never easy whether you can see it coming or not.

Maybe he would stay out of loyalty to the city and the fans he adores. Maybe he would, but there’s nothing disloyal about honoring your contract and moving on to new opportunities either. Durant doesn’t owe anything to Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City owes everything to Durant. Durant has given OKC more than just basketball. He has helped play a part in not only building a franchise, but he’s helped build a city too. Durant could run Oklahoma City if he wanted to. To the Thunder fans he’s a man who can do no wrong. People would probably vote to raise taxes if that’s what it took to keep Durant; there is no doubt in my mind. They love him the man that much.

Durant loves the fans in Oklahoma City, and he obviously has a real love for his teammates. He has made both of these things clear nearly every opportunity he gets. Washington is his home, but there’s a part of him that might consider Oklahoma City a little bit like home as well. He came to Oklahoma City as just a kid with ton of potential but has grown into one of the best players in the league all while growing into an even better man. He’s grown with Oklahoma City and helped build a team from ground zero. Building a franchise from the bottom with the Thunder organization, his teammates and his coach to where they are now has been remarkable. By building up a franchise and succeeding by winning multiple championships, Durant could do something that not many other players can say they have done in this day and age of the NBA. It’s for these reasons that I think winning with Oklahoma City would mean more to Durant than winning in Washington.

The thing with all of this is it’s all too early and no one really knows what Durant will decide to do in 2016, not even him himself. All I know is that Thunder fans shouldn’t waste any time worrying about it. Instead take some time over the next two years to really soak in getting the opportunity to watch night in and night out a man who will go down as one of the all-time greats. Take in all the shots that only he can possibly make, the shoulder shimmy at the line and that silky smooth jumper that makes it all look so easy. Regardless of what he chooses down the road, anything less than appreciation and admiration for the MVP would be a shame.

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