Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are Most Hated Teams in America

By Gil Alcaraz IV
Via Reddit/NBA
Via Reddit/NBA

Based on an unofficial survey and graphic put together by a user on Reddit/NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are the most hated NBA teams in America. Although the survey obviously wasn’t a fool-proof look at the teams that the US hates the most, the 42,000+ plus participants gave us a pretty good idea of which teams are hated where.

The Heat took the cake with 24 states pledging their hate towards South Beach. The Lakers came in at a close-second with 21 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

It’s obviously understandable that the folks of Washington aren’t too pleased with the Oklahoma City Thunder, formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics before a move in 2008. Illinois natives understandably hate the team that continues to let them down year after year. I’m not entirely sure I get the hate for the Los Angeles Clippers in Mississippi and Tennessee, though. Maybe because they knocked the Memphis Grizzlies out of the playoffs a couple of years ago?

It might be hard to tell, but for some strange reason, the people of Delaware do not like the Cleveland Cavaliers

My biggest takeaway from this? How did the Boston Celtics not win a single state? I would say their irrelevance in 2013-14 made an impact, but it’s not like the Lakers did any better last season.

Either way, it’s an interesting look at just how many people hate the Lakers and Heat.

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