Paul George Suffers Leg Injury, Ends Indiana Pacers’ Season Before it Starts

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Things just went from bad to worse for the Indiana Pacers. After going through a tumultuous offseason, in which they lost an up-and-coming star in Lance Stephenson, the Pacers may have now very well lost Paul George for the season.

During the USA Basketball Showcase in Las Vegas, George went up to try to defend a fast break layup by James Harden, and landed horrifically on his right leg, clearly fracturing his tibia, in what was reminiscent of Joe Theismann or Louisville’s Kevin Ware.

It was truly one of the most gruesome things I have ever watched. I could barely make it through the entire video. It was that bad. This is horrible news for George. My thoughts and prayers certainly go to him and to his family for a speedy recover

Unfortunately, his injury means that the once prominent Pacers will now fall haplessly to the rear of an improved Eastern Conference. Without Stephenson, and now all indications are that they will also be without George for the season, the Pacers will have to rely solely on Rodney Stuckey and C.J. Miles for their perimeter scoring, and have literally no depth on the wing.

The Pacers would be wise to make an immediate play for Eric Bledsoe if they are to have any chance of remaining a relevant and legitimate contender. This may mean moving Roy Hibbert to make that move possible, but this is truly the only option available to the Pacers right now given their unfortunate fate.

George was an All-Star, and a burgeoning superstar. Hopefully, he can return to full strength with a full season’s recovery, but we have seen serious injuries damage people’s athleticism before. The Pacers can only hope this doesn’t happen with the player they have mortgaged their future on.

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  • Michel Simmons

    My God what a horrible injury. I was looking forward to the Eastern conference mashups but now that’s gonna be the bulls, heat and wizards up there. Orlando could Def make a run now.

  • Brett R

    You just never wanna see this. Ever.

  • Jeffrey Fry…George traveled almost 10 feet..and the stanchion was way too close…and I believe if he landed on a flat service he would not have broken his leg… prayers to Mr. is horrible to see such a great player injured..especially when he was playing hustle basketball

  • Anna Wilson- Smith

    I have followed the Pacers all season because of Paul George. I am crushed at his horrific injury and my prayer is that he will make a full and speedy recovery. Come to the Bahamas once you are able to travel!