How Jeremy Lin Can Help the Los Angeles Lakers

Jayne Kamin-Oncea - USA TODAY Sports

Jayne Kamin-Oncea – USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers decided to trade for Jeremy Lin earlier in the offseason, a move met with mixed reviews. But the organization has to be happy about bringing in a player of Lin’s quality while giving away nothing and adding a first-round pick for next year’s draft. The team did a great job of acquiring an extra asset, and Lin’s contract comes off the books at the end of the season.

Put simply, the Lakers were smart to add a talented point guard who has proven that he can play in the league.

Lin is a good scorer who should find success in Byron Scott’s offense. He will get plenty of opportunities to have the ball in his hands, which is where he is most successful. He has struggled at times when playing off the ball, but has gotten better over the years, especially from the three-point line. He is a player that other teams will have to account for, and can help take some pressure off Kobe Bryant. He is very good at getting to the basket, which should create more shots for his teammates.

Lin is also a very popular player who should attract many fans, especially playing in Los Angeles. He has often received many votes for the all-star ballot, despite playing limited minutes. He brought “Linsanity” to New York, and should thrive in a Hollywood-type setting. There is no doubt that the Lakers will continue to see their popularity rise with the addition of Lin.

The Lakers made a good move in trading for Lin, as he adds a lot to the organization both on and off the court. He is a talented offensive player who brings excitement to the team and is well-liked in the locker room. He has a huge following of fans who will come from all over to watch him play.

Lin will be a valuable player to the team in the upcoming season and should help the organization in more ways than one.

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  • Houstonrocketfan

    Kobe is a selfish basket player and Jeremy is a PnR player. I wonder whether they can build up the chemistry. This could be a challenge for Scott in next coming season.

  • Yossi Wibowo

    Give jlin his contract you knuckle head, u report something good he could be but saying him an expiring contract.?! Two faced adder writer!

    • Indravarman

      I’ve been looking at your comments for the last few months and wow, you are just a negative person. and this comment doesn’t even make sense? and who are you talking to about giving Lin a contract? Lin has one year left on his EXPIRING CONTRACT and if he can make an impact this year then the Lakers will give him an offer. let me say it again, he has a legitimate EXPIRING CONTRACT.

      • Yossi Wibowo

        Indra.. Dude i thought well that Boozer can get released like that in chicago.. The negative side is part of life people don’t wanna talk or like you comprehend it not. What I want to speak for the Jeremy side is he have battled many downside of the nba but yet didn’t fall for the negative side but battled back. So yeah some logic is that if the Lakers will be in contention this year ti next summer.. It better be a guaranteed contract dude.. Because he is famous from business perspective now.. Just nba hypes like james harden who plays whatever he wanted.. Good for Jeremy he could get back from injuries because he tries hard(to earn every penny of the contract). But his teammate j harden? Well we will see how his team progress.. And it will be short of expectation nevertheless i would expect the unexpected ;)

    • lakers4ever

      Jlin and Jordan Clarkson will split the the time. and this young 2nd round pick will surprised everyone when the pre-seasoned start. a superstar in the making.

  • plansmaker

    Here is the truth about the Los Angeles Lakers.
    Hope for the best prepares for the worst.
    Lin and Kobe chemistry is essential for the success of Lakers new season.
    I have every reason to believe both players understood the gravity of situation. They will make every effort to adapt to each other as back court mates for the sake of Lakers Nation’s future.