Minnesota Timberwolves Finally Get the Message About Kevin Love

By Kareem Gantt
Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves
Kelley L. Cox-USA Today Sports

General manager Glenn Taylor of the Minnesota Timberwolves has been in denial about his grumpy star, Kevin Love.

Although the team was actively listening to trade offers for the double-double machine, Taylor has always held out hope that Love would have a change of heart, and stay in Minnesota. He believed that he could still build a quality team around Love that would show him that they are serious about winning.

But on Saturday, Taylor finally saw what the rest of the world was telling him: Love does not want to remain in Minnesota anymore. In an interview with a local newspaper, Taylor finally took off his rose-colored glasses and said that Love would more than likely be traded by end of the month.

This signals two things: 1) the Timberwoves have finally given up their delusional dream of keeping Love, and 2) they may have already struck a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers in sending him to play with LeBron James in exchange for getting the player they have always wanted, Andrew Wiggins.

Thanks to a rule in the NBA bible, the Timberwolves nor the Cavaliers can agree to a trade for a month because Wiggins just signed his rookie deal, which means that he will be a Cavalier until Aug. 24, the date in which his trade embargo expires. As I wrote in this space a while ago, this would be a win-win for both teams. The Cavs get the final piece to their championship puzzle, and the Timberwolves get at least three to four years of watching Wiggins dazzle on the court before demanding a trade. Because, come on, who wants to stay in Minnesota?

It was past time for Taylor and the Timberwolves to wake up from their dream world, and finally admit that trading Love would be the best for all parties involved.

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