Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: Shawn Marion Would Be Solid Veteran Addition

By Andrew Fisher
Cleveland Cavaliers
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With Ray Allen‘s future up in the air, the Cleveland Cavaliers have decided to continue reaching out to veterans to try and bulk up their roster.

Shawn Marion is 36 years old and definitely in the final years of his NBA career. His numbers have been trending downward for the last few seasons, and he’s clearly only going to be a role player wherever he signs in 2014-15.

But even though the Cavs wouldn’t be getting the Marion of old, they’d still be getting a proven veteran player who knows what it takes to win a championship. If  the price is right, which will most certainly be the main question given the Cavs’ cap situation, he’d make for a very nice addition to an overall young Cleveland roster.

You have to wonder if there are enough funds to go around to satisfy both Marion and Allen? The aging forward made over $9 million in base salary last season, which is a far cry from the veteran’s minimum salary of around $1.4 million that Allen is rumored to be okay with.

Would Marion be willing to play for reduced salary for a chance at another title? Cavs fans will have to hope the answer is yes. Because while his signing wouldn’t be anything to write home about, it’s definitely a signing that will make the Cavs a better team.

More help for LeBron James is on the way. That much is for sure.

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