LeBron James Looking Thin After Dropping Carbs From Diet

By RantSports Staff

LeBron James is on to the next chapter of his career and life after re-signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Along the way he’s apparently making some decisions about his health. King James has decided to give up carbs, and the results of his new diet are already noticeable:

James looks quite a bit thinner than he did just a couple months back. His weight loss has been the topic of debate, with many wondering whether it’s smart to slim down given the physical beating he takes night in and night out.

But with Kevin Love likely coming to Cleveland (which will move James to the three position more often), others will argue that the slim down is a good for James. It should make him even quicker and lessen some of the stress on his knees.

Either way, no matter how much he weighs, The King will still be the best in the world come next season. Plus, he can always regain the weight in no time if needs to.


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