Nemanja Nedovic's Injury May Prove More Detrimental Than It Seems

By Alex Moss
Nemanja Nedovic Golden State Warriors
Getty Images

Golden State Warriors point guard Nemanja Nedovic was recently diagnosed with a stress fracture in his foot during an exhibition game with the Serbian national team. While the Warriors are still waiting to see his x-rays and thus decipher how long he will need to recover, Nedovic will likely start the 2014 NBA season with a boot on and unable to play.

Nedovic only played 142 minutes for the Warriors last season and is unlikely to receive much more floor time this year, as the Warriors signed Shaun Livingston this offseason and currently have somewhat of a logjam in the backcourt.

Although production from Nedovic this season is not a crucial part of the Dubs’ equation, Nedovic’s injury may signal long-term troubles. Stress fractures in feet, especially in young players, can cause permanent discomfort and weaknesses in a player’s lower extremities throughout his career.

The Warriors are hoping that Nedovic, who just turned 23 years old, will grow into a solid backcourt rotation piece under the tutelage of Stephen Curry. This blueprint for Nedovic may well end up being a fantasy; if Nedovic’s foot fracture is a harbinger of an injury-troubled career, the Warriors may have lost a valuable rotation piece in the making.

Of course, for many young players, foot fractures do not signal future injury. One of the greatest to ever play the game, Michael Jordan, suffered a stress fracture in his foot very early on in his career and played into his 40s at a high level, to say the least. The Warriors will just have to wait and see with Nedovic.

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