Scottie Pippen Believes He's the Greatest Chicago Bull of All Time

By RantSports Staff

Did you know that Scottie Pippen is the greatest Chicago Bulls player ever? Well according to a new foot locker commercial, a short memory has led the second-greatest Bull of all time to forget about his legendary teammate who helped him win all of those rings in the 1990s. Yes, we’re talking about Michael Jordan.

It’s obviously a joke, so don’t get too upset Bulls fans. In the commercial, Charles Barkley attempts to get Houston Rockets star James Harden to understand how important a short-term memory is when it comes to being a great NBA player. Barkley even goes as far as saying he’s a pacifist, but calls upon Pippen to help emphasize the point.

Put simply, Foot Locker nailed it with this latest ad. Enjoy.


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