FIBA World Cup Will Help Development of Golden State Warriors' Splash Brothers

By Alex Moss
Stephen Curry Klay Thompson Golden State Warriors
Getty Images

With Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry slated to start for Team USA and shooting guard Klay Thompson a strong candidate to start at the two, the Warriors look to be well represented in Barcelona at the end of August. Pairing the two together in international competition will enhance their chemistry and development in a new, important way.

An integral part of Curry’s and Thompson’s development this summer will be the coaching style of coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K is known for his run-and-gun, three-point-happy offensive approach, which suits both Thompson and Curry perfectly. Warriors coach Steve Kerr has expressed a desire to run a similarly fast-paced, fluid offense that utilizes the Splash Brothers’ sharpshooting. Running Coach K’s system will help Curry and Thompson adjust to Kerr’s system more smoothly, mitigating the bumpy transition from former coach Mark Jackson’s isolation-heavy, post-play-oriented offense that many Warriors players may have.

While Team USA may execute a similar offense to that the Warriors will run next season, the differences between Golden State and Team USA will bring Thompson and Curry closer together. FIBA’s rules and regulations vary slightly from those of the NBA; one of the most notable differences is the college-style three-point line, meaning Curry and Thompson will be able to fill it up from deep even more than usual. Curry and Thompson will have to adjust to these rules together and learn how to run an offense together according to the FIBA style of play on the fly. Hopefully Curry and Thompson will return to Golden State from Barcelona with a stronger bond and new knowledge of offensive systems at both the FIBA and NBA levels.

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