Los Angeles Lakers Need Julius Randle To Come Up Big Next Season

By Brendan Patel
Brad Penner - USA TODAY Sports
Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

When the Los Angeles Lakers learned that they would have the seventh pick in the draft, there was little hope that an impact player would fall to them. Fortunately, no one decided to take Julius Randle, and the organization was able to pick a player who has the potential to make an immediate contribution. Randle impressed with in the summer league with his skill set and strength, and should get plenty of opportunities to prove his worth this season. The Lakers need him to play well, not just to win games, but to give the team hope for the future.

The Lakers did not sign a superstar in the offseason, and will struggle to compete for a playoff spot in a deep Western Conference. Management did what they could to put together a competitive team, and made the right move in hiring Byron Scott. But there is concern as to what will happen in what could be Kobe Bryant’s last two years with the team, and if the team has any direction going forward.

There is no guarantee that the Lakers will lure a star in the future, as the team hasn’t been successful recruiting one in recent years. However, if Randle can have a strong rookie season and possibly compete for Rookie of the Year honors, it gives the organization a talented young player to work with. He can become the new building block and possibly recruit other players to join him. The organization would have their next in-house star to build off of, one who would get to spend time learning from Bryant.

More importantly, a good season from Randle would give the Lakers belief in their future. These have been a tough couple of seasons for the team, and there has been uncertainty with management about what the plan is going forward. The team plays in a very difficult conference, and it does not seem like they stand much of a chance unless something drastic happens. If Randle can come up big and prove that he has the potential to be the team’s next star, then the Lakers’ future would get a lot brighter.

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