Donald Sterling Fighting Losing Battle in Asking Courts To Block Sale Of Los Angeles Clippers

By Kareem Gantt
Donald Sterling
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Donald Sterling is the nightmare that just won’t go away.

A little over a week after Sterling’s estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, won a lawsuit in the Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles that allowed her to move ahead with the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Sterling surprised no one on Friday when he asked the same court to issue a stay on the original ruling:

I don’t understand how Sterling is supposed to come out as the good guy in all of this. I mean after all, it was his words that caused his collapse in the first place. Sterling is trying desperately to look like the victim of a witch hunt, and to be frank, nobody is buying his shtick anymore. In fact, I don’t know if anybody even bought it in the first place.

While Sterling continues to throw a temper tantrum over losing his team, the Clippers are suffering under the weight of his actions. Head coach and general manager Doc Rivers went public two weeks ago, saying that the drama surrounding Sterling and the sale of the team has hurt them in luring free agents that can help the team. And Chris Paul is rumored to be seriously considering sitting out the season as long as Sterling is still the owner.

Sterling needs to look out for the good of the franchise and allow his wife to sell the team. The team would be in better hands with Ballmer, in that he will be flushed with cash to improve it. The Clippers need to move on from this modern sports tragedy, so it can get back to the business of winning games.

It’s time for Mr. Sterling to exit stage right before he does permanent damage to the team he claims to love so near and dear.

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