Denver Nuggets Wise to Refuse Cleveland Cavaliers' Offer For Timofey Mozgov

By Court Zierk
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I have long been a proponent of shaking up this Denver Nuggets core. I think we have seen all we need to see from this group, and I have been very vocal about the need for change. That said, when the Cleveland Cavaliers came calling this week offering a first-round pick for Timofey Mozgov, to further bolster their talented nucleus, the Nuggets reportedly balked, and wisely so.

There is change with a purpose, and then there is change simply for change’s sake, and that trade would have definitely fallen into the latter category.

I recognize the need to move one of the bigs, as there will soon be a logjam, assuming Jusuf Nurkic can amount to anything close to how he is being projected, However, to take Cleveland’s first-round pick would amount to idiocy.

The Cavaliers will clearly be in the hunt for the Eastern Conference title this year, and potentially a NBA title to boot, so a first-round pick from them would be in the lower parts of the draft, and we all know how big of a crap shoot draft picks are at that point. Frankly, that offer is a bit insulting giving what Mozgov was able to accomplish last season.

In what world would a team give up on a proven commodity, one with enormous value to most teams, for a low-end draft pick?

There have also been rumors this week about the Nuggets being involved in discussions with Detroit Pistons restricted free agent Greg Monroe. So, unless there was somehow a way to ensure he is included in that deal, or a separate deal to follow, the Nuggets would be foolish to even continue entertaining the Cavaliers.

It feels like the Cavaliers may be getting a bit too big for their britches, thinking they can swoop in, make any subpar offer, to poor, lowly teams like the Nuggets, and have them agree to a deal completely on their terms.

Slow your roll King James. You may be the defacto Cavaliers executive now, but we aren’t falling for your foolery. Please come back when you have a real offer to make.

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