Chauncey Billups Should Choose Denver Nuggets Over Cleveland Cavaliers

By Court Zierk
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There are reports that Chauncey Billups worked out for the Cleveland Cavaliers this week, and it appears he isn’t ready to hang up his sneakers just yet. I empathize with players trying to extend their careers through whatever means available to them, and I try to put myself in their shoes to understand their way of thinking, but this would be a move I don’t fully grasp.

It has been all but explicitly stated that Billups has a place waiting for him in the Denver Nuggets‘ front office as soon as he is ready, and I think it is time for Chauncey to make his return home.

Billups really has nothing left to prove as a player. He has won an NBA Championship, was named NBA Finals MVP, and  is a five time NBA All-Star. What else would he prove by going to Cleveland and riding LeBron James‘ coattails for one more championship?

In fact, he may even risk damaging his fine legacy, in a similar vein as Ray Allen, after he turned down the Boston Celtics‘ high dollars deal to join the Miami Heat. The last thing I would want staining Chauncey’s legacy is having him labeled as a “ring chaser”.

I understand the allure of Cleveland, although I find it strange it has somehow become a basketball mecca over the course of one summer, but I can guarantee you that the Nuggets are in more need of Chauncey’s unique perspective in their front office than Kyrie Irving is in need of further mentorship.

The Nuggets need any advantage they can get in attracting potential big name free agents to our beautiful city, and who better to provide that edge than an NBA immortal who was born, raised and still lives here?

Maybe he is still concerned about how the Nuggets chose to move in a different direction with him on not one, but two different occasions. I agree that the Nuggets could have handled his situation differently, but it is business after all, and that is exactly why they need your help. Business isn’t always their forte.

I’m not saying he is the answer to all of the Nuggets’ woes, but surely Chauncey can recognize the potential value he can add to this franchise. I guarantee he would be welcomed home with a warm embrace, reminiscent of James’ return to Northeast Ohio, and we never even burned a single one of his jerseys.

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