Jeff Green Continues To Frustrate Boston Celtics Fans

By Ian Van Doren
Jeff Green Continues to Frustrate Boston Celtics Fans
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Green can be a frustrating player at times. He is a long and athletic 6-foot-9 forward who has the ability to take over a game. His whole style of play is smooth and effortless, from his jump shot to his offensive moves, and he can wow you with his athletic ability at times.

On the other side of the ball, Green has the potential to be an elite scorer and defender with his long arms and quickness. On offense, his bread and butter is catching and shooting off of screens, which he likes to do often. He also has range and can knock it down consistently from deep. Green has the ability to square his man up and attack him with multiple moves like jab steps and step back jumpers, but he does not do this very often. He scores more of his points within the flow of the offense, which can be both good and bad because sometimes he disappears when he is needed to take over a game. He can also be very effective in the open court, but does not get out in transition as often as he should.

That being said, Green can be incredibly inconsistent at times (Mar. 16  last season against New Orleans he has 39 points on 4-of-7 from 3-point and 52 percent FG 12-23; the next night against the Dallas Mavericks he has five points on 2-for-12 shooting). Sometimes he looks disinterested in the game and can be seen standing around at both ends of the floor, and his defense can leave much to be desired at times. During a game last year against the Atlanta Hawks, Kyle Korver gave Green fits, running him off multiple screens and downright embarrassing him. Green also is a below average help defender and at times he doesn’t even make an effort to help out his teammates.

Being in a transition year, the Boston Celtics handed the scoring keys over to Green and the result was a mixed bag. At times Green can look engaged and unstoppable, knocking down smooth jump shots and dunking with ferocity over defenders. At other times, he looks disengaged and uninterested. To me he lacks the mentality of an elite scorer but is a valuable second or third star on a team. His length and athleticism make him a desirable player and his ability to catch fire any given night also make him valuable.

The 2014-15 will be Green’s final shot to prove to the Celtics and boss Danny Ainge that he is worth keeping around. Maybe just maybe next year he will take the leap and show all of us fans what he is really capable of. Until then, Green will continue to tantalize us with his talents by giving us less than we desire.

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