Carmelo Anthony is Dropping Pounds Like He's LeBron James

By RantSports Staff

It’s a new era in the NBA. Gone are the days of power basketball around the hoop, here are the days of finesse basketball with lots of long-range shooting. Players simply don’t need to be as big and physical as they once did.

LeBron James‘ physique was the topic of conversation last week after he posted an Instagram photo where he looked noticeably slimmer. James’ is supposedly on some type of paleo diet (inspired by Ray Allen), and has cut out the intake of carbs.

It appears Carmelo Anthony is following suit with a weight loss plan of his own:

You have to believe that these guys are trying to get quicker, while lessening the stress on their joints as they enter the backsides of their careers. It seems like a good strategy in theory, because the NBA certainly isn’t going back to the way things were done in the 1980s anytime soon.

But until we see the slimmer versions of these guys on the court, we won’t know for sure.

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