Los Angeles Lakers Position Breakdown: Point Guard

By Oliver
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports


In terms of point guards, the Los Angeles Lakers have a bit of everything without anyone being spectacular. Steve Nash provides the experience, Jeremy Lin is the solid point guard that can start or come off the bench, and Jordan Clarkson is the untested young rookie just beginning his NBA career.

It’s likely he would end the season coming off the bench when his body all but falls apart, but it would be safe to assume that Nash would occupy the starting role if he is healthy to start the season.

The Phoenix Suns days are long gone for Nash, but a guy with his shooting form isn’t about to forget how to shoot. Last year’s injury-plagued 15-game season produced the worst numbers of his career, but if he can string a few games together, his 49 percent shooting from the field won’t be far off.

He’s going to bring experience, composure, and all the knowledge his teammates around him could ask for. Even in street clothes, Nash will impact this team in one way or another.

Throughout his two seasons in Houston, Lin spent time both as a starter and a role player off the bench. Whatever role is bestowed upon him for this season won’t take a lot of adjusting, and he’s more than capable in succeeding in either. Regardless of when he enters the game, the Lakers will have a player capable of running the floor and getting the ball to the right person.

Getting the ball to Kobe Bryant will be crucial for Lin and Nash for that matter. Recognizing when he wants the ball will be their hardest job as the older Bryant gets, the fewer opportunities he has to score creating his own shot. Feeding the Black Mamba in the post will be something they practice and use regularly when the match-ups allow it.

Both Lin and Nash would be big contributors to the bench as the leaders of the second unit. Nick Young will be the primary scorer in this group, but the point guard will be the floor general guiding him, and the rest of the role players, around the court.

Nash and his inevitable injury break will allow Jordan Clarkson time to add to the reputation he forged in the Summer League. A competent scorer, Clarkson led the Lakers in points every game in Vegas. The Lakers have plenty of faith in Clarkson after paying $1.8 million to the Washington Wizards for the right to draft him with the 46th pick, and Clarkson himself felt as though he should have gone much higher so expect him to come out strong when his opportunity comes.

With the roster not quite complete, it’s not out of the question that Nash, Lin and Clarkson are joined by another point guard. Whether they are or not, expect their roles and minutes to be shuffled based a lot on health, matchups and schedules throughout the 2014-15 season.

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