NBA is Right to Counter-Sue Donald Sterling

By Kareem Gantt
Donald Sterling, Los Angeles Clippers
Getty Images

It’s safe to say that Donald Sterling is not having a very good day.

First, he officially lost the team he has owned for 33 years, as the NBA approved and officially transferred ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers to Microsoft giant Steve Ballmer. Not only has the NBA knocked out Sterling on the basketball court, it is now preparing to strike back in the legal arena as well.

The NBA announced on Tuesday that it has launched a counter-suit against Sterling on his $1 billion antitrust suit against the NBA. League commissioner Adam Silver announced the suit to the Los Angeles Times, citing that Sterling has stained the league’s reputation and has done harm to the image of the NBA. The Times reported:

“The NBA filed a counterclaim against Donald Sterling and the Sterling Family Trust in federal court Monday, saying the Clippers owner caused ‘devastating and incalculable harm’ to the league.”

The NBA has every right to counter-sue Sterling. Silver was right on point with his comments, as Sterling’s circus show of a lawsuit, and the comments that started this whole mess, has had a damaging impact on the league.

Think about it; free agents refused to come to the Clippers because of the Sterling fiasco, and the Clippers lost some key free agents as well. That is damage that Sterling caused, and if he wants to go up against the mighty NBA, I say good luck to him.

Sterling’s time as an NBA owner is over, but he is an old fart who refuses to accept reality. The reality is that he has no NBA team, and he is carrying on a lawsuit that could cripple him financially.

If I was him, I would just take the $2 billion, and be on my way. It makes no since to continue this nonsense of a lawsuit. If he ever cared about the Clippers — and he really did not until the past four years — he would just let them go.

It’s time to throw in the towel, Sterling. Your 15 minutes of fame have come to an end. Deal with it and accept it.

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