Steph Curry Crazy To Believe He's Better Than LeBron James

By Andrew Fisher
Steph Curry
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There’s little question about who the best basketball player in the world is. Anyone who’s watched five minutes of NBA action over the past five years can tell you it’s LeBron James by a mile. Does James’ game still have a few minor flaws? Sure. Is he still working to be a better player? Of course. But there’s no one even close to his level of greatness in the scheme of things, right?

Well, Steph Curry not only feels that he’s close to LeBron on the offensive side of the ball, he feels he’s better. Check out this clip from the Dan Patrick Show (starting at the 4:15 mark for the LeBron question):

You certainly have to give Curry credit for being confident in his abilities. I’d rather have a player who thinks he’s the best, even though it may not necessarily be true, than have a player who’s underconfident. To be the best, you do have to believe you’re the best.

But does anyone other than the Golden State Warriors‘ sharpshooter buy this?

LeBron has said that if he really wanted to lead the NBA in scoring every season, he could. I think he’s absolutely correct in that assessment. When he wants to be, he’s too big, too fast and too strong for every defender in the league.

There’s no doubt that Curry is the better pure shooter. But in terms of the total package both guys bring to the table on offense, you have to give the edge to the super athlete, LeBron James. The guy could truly play every position if he needed to, something that just can’t be said for Curry.

LBJ can take it to the hoop better than anyone in the game, he can post people up and even shoot the fadeaway jumper if he needs to. Curry can’t do all of that at the same high level. He can dish it, he can shoot it, but he doesn’t have near the offensive range that James does.

Give Steph Curry credit for thinking like a champion. If you’re a Warriors fan, you want to hear your best player talking like this. But in reality, it’s Lebron James and everyone else.

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