Los Angeles Clippers Sale Shouldn’t Come Without Shelly Sterling Backlash

By Richard Nurse
Los Angeles Clippers
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Owner emeritus? RochelleShellySterling didn’t know what her new title with the Los Angeles Clippers technically meant, so maybe she didn’t anticipate the upcoming backlash of also being named her former team’s “No. 1 fan.” Initial thinking was that delusion must run in the family, but to be honest no one really knew the meanings of those titles until her list of rewards for finishing off Donald Sterling’s stint as an owner were revealed to the public.

As part of her appreciation package, Shelly was granted VIP access, 12 tickets — including two courtside seats — and three championship rings from any successful Clippers NBA Finals run.

This is as if banking at least half of Steve Ballmer’s $2 billion wasn’t enough for a woman who, by all accounts, was just as guilty of discriminating against Blacks and Hispanics as her “estranged” husband.

This is the same estranged husband who she posed as a health inspector for, supported and was caught on camera defending when his racist tapes came to light. He’s also the same estranged husband who the Wall Street Journal quoted Shelly as saying she believed would eventually be allowed to join her in one of those gifted seats on the floor.

I don’t know about you, but this does not sound like some innocent 80-year-old woman who deserves to be celebrated — regardless of her help in bouncing Donald out of power. The truth of the matter is that she only did it because the national media began to give her a little heat for warning the league that she would pursue lawsuits to keep her ownership stake in Los Angeles’ new kings.

That’s not a saint — that’s an opportunist who never ever publicly repented for her alleged wrongdoings at the expense of minorities. In the end, it’s a win for the Sterling family. They get to pad their pockets, plot their next mission for attention and eventually enjoy the spoils of ultimate success, if it ever comes.

Now what kind of punishment is that?

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