Los Angeles Clippers, Golden State Warriors Rivalry Great for NBA

By Kareem Gantt
Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers
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Let’s take a moment on this Friday night to pay homage to one of the best developed rivalries in the NBA.

The NBA has great historic rivalries already, but the one that is shaping up in California is proving to be one of the best. The Los Angeles Clippers and Golden State Warriors are two teams that dislike each other to the extreme. Throughout the regular season and playoffs, the two teams have fought to the death to gain a foot hole in this series.

This rivalry does not stop at the basketball court. Northern and Southern California have always been at war with each other over their sports teams. One of the best is the baseball rivalry between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. Both of those teams absolutely hate each other.

The Warriors and Clippers are no different, and they carry some similar hatred steamed over from those classic Dodgers-Giants matchups. People in the Bay Area detest Hollywood, and Hollywood detests the Bay Area. Likewise, Stephen Curry loves the opportunity to show up Chris Paul, and vice versa. Klay Thompson loves to light up the Warriors from the outside. DeAndre Jordan loves sending Warrior shots to the ninth row, and Blake Griffin loves getting into it with David Lee.

It’s just a fun rivalry, and it benefits greatly from the fact that both teams are now among the Western Conference elite. The rivalry will only grow more intense next season, so strap in tight, and get ready for more great basketball theater. This is what makes the NBA so great.

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