San Antonio Spurs Should Embrace Oakland Raiders' Potential Move

By Kareem Gantt
San Antonio Spurs
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San Antonio is a city that is in the middle of a great run of civic luck. The economy is one of the strongest in the nation, unemployment is low, the San Antonio Spurs just won their fifth championship, bucking the trend that small-market teams cannot compete for championships. And the Oakland Raiders are discussing a possible move to the city.

And you know what? The Spurs should embrace that move.

Why? Because the Raiders and the Spurs would both benefit from each other. The Spurs have one of the most diehard fan bases in the country, so there would be no way that the Raiders would come in and steal their fans. San Antonio has long clamored for their own football team, but for years, was shut out because their market was deemed “too small” to support an NFL franchise.

But I beg to differ. Thanks to the strong economy, San Antonio can support both franchises. Contrary to popular belief, the San Antonio market is not just limited to the metro area. The Spurs draw on fans from Austin, Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend, and the Rio Grade Valley of deep south Texas. That’s a population of over four million people, and the Raiders can tap into this market as well.

The Raiders need a new home, and have stated that they do not intend on signing a one-year extension to stay at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Los Angeles is nowhere near building a new stadium, and the only other viable option for the Raiders is San Antonio, as the Alamodome was built to NFL specs.

In a town and state mad about football, the Raiders will find a great home in San Antonio, and the Spurs should be welcoming them with open arms. Imagine the cross-promotional ideas? I say screw Oakland, let’s get this deal done!

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