Jabari Parker Will Bring Milwaukee Bucks Back To Respectability

By Kareem Gantt
Jabari Parker, Milwaukee Bucks
Getty Images

It was a forgone conclusion for both the Milwaukee Bucks and Jabari Parker. It was no secret that Parker wanted to play with the Bucks, as they are near his hometown of Chicago, and he could fit in and be the team’s star player. The Bucks wanted him because he can revive a team that has been morbid for years.

Parker and the Bucks are a match made in heaven, and in reality, they really needed one another. So, as fate would have it, Parker landed in the Bucks’ laps as the No. 2 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, and all of a sudden, they had their savior. It’s hard to fathom how big the drafting of Parker was. He is a versatile guard who many pundits, like yours truly, deemed the most “NBA-ready” player in the draft.

Yes, he has a problem turning the ball over, but that will get better with time. But what can’t be overlooked is his vast myriad of offensive skills that will no doubt help the Bucks bring back fans who have decided to stay away in recent years, and help the team win a few more ball games.

I’m not saying the Bucks will be instant playoff contenders, because they’re not. They still need a few more pieces before they can be considered a legitimate playoff team, but Parker will be a tremendous asset to a team that really needed one. In the land of dairy, he is the main cow.

Parker will make the Bucks respectable again. Mark my words.

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