Orlando Magic Should Think About Chasing Danny Green in 2015

By Kareem Gantt
Danny Green, San Antonio Spurs, Orlando Magic
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The Orlando Magic of the Dwight Howard era taught us that you could never have enough shooters in your lineup. For those magical years between 2008 and 2010, the Magic were littered with players who could burn you from the outside at a moment’s notice.

But ever since Howard left and the core of the last competitive Magic team all fled, Orlando became a barren wasteland of shooters. Sure, the Magic had Aaron Afflalo, but his shooting touch was not the same as it was in Denver. If you are a diehard Orlando fan, you would know that the Magic are at their best when they have shooters on the team.

Going into this current “young guns” era, the Magic front office realized that in order to get back to the glory days, the team needed shooters. The roster is coming along nicely, but one shooter the Magic really need is currently in south Texas and won’t be available to the rest of the league until the summer of 2015.

That shooter is Danny Green, the sharpshooting two-guard who has made his niche as a poor man’s Ray Allen with the San Antonio Spurs. He has been one of the instrumental parts in keeping the Spurs in championship form, as he has displayed a deadly three-point shooting eye that has devastated opponents.

Green is one of the players the Magic need to target in 2015. His shooting would be more than welcome on a roster that is still kind of iffy in that department. But Green is not just a three-point specialist. He can also play good defense, and he makes good decisions with the basketball.

If Green is interested in getting more playing time and getting a bigger role on a team with playoff aspirations, he should look hard at Orlando next summer. Likewise for the Magic, as the team will be looking to shore up the lineup to finally began their long march back to their rightful status as Eastern Conference contenders.

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