Carmelo Anthony Right To Believe New York Knicks Will Make Playoffs In 2014-15

By Vinny Lanni
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The face of the franchise Carmelo Anthony has the right mindset going into the 2014-15 season. He recently told the New York Post, the New York Knicks will “absolutely” make the playoffs next season. That is the same type of confidence that, not only Anthony, but every Knicks player should have.

Anthony’s statement isn’t farfetched, because in a weak Eastern Conference the Knicks have a great chance of making the playoffs. Melo didn’t say anything stupid by saying the Knicks are going to win the championship, but he made realistic prediction based on the team’s current roster. It’s great that Anthony isn’t cashing in the 2014 season and using it as an excuse just so the Knicks could wait until the 2015 offseason for when the team has a lot of cap space and ability to lure in some big free agents.

Anthony is telling the Knicks fanbase that he didn’t come here only for the money; he still wants to win games.

The Knicks have an improved roster heading into next season. They got rid of some of the dead weight on the roster that’s been doing nothing for the past year or two. Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton are now in Dallas, and the Knicks have a lot of new faces like Cleanthony Early, Jose Calderon and Jason Smith that are going to make a difference for this team in the near and long term.

Phil Jackson is on board with Anthony and knows championship teams are not made in one offseason. It is going to take some time until the Knicks have a chance of rivaling teams like the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers, but making the playoffs next season would be a great start. The Knicks have a bright future ahead of them, but patience is a virtue. If Melo’s prediction is true then the Knicks may be a headache for some teams that have championship aspirations next season.

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