Houston Rockets Need To Do Whatever They Can To Land Rajon Rondo

By Kareem Gantt
Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets
Raj Mehta-USA Today Sports

Rajon Rondo wants out of Boston. He does not want to be part of a Boston Celtics team that is currently under reconstruction and will probably take two to three years to get back into the playoff picture.

Knowing this, the Celtics are trying frantically to trade their star point guard in order to get back players who can help the team now. Because Boston knows that if they wait until the summer of 2015, Rondo can walk away from the only team he has ever known as a pro and leave the Celtics with nothing.

So which team would fit Rondo the best and give him the chance to compete for championships on a yearly basis? That team is the Houston Rockets, a team that is talented and deep, but lacks the heart and leadership that is required to compete in the ultra-tough Western Conference.

Rondo will provide the Rockets with those exact intangibles. He is one of the few guards in the game today who values running the show over piling up stats. He is a virtual triple-double threat every time he steps on the court and will teach James Harden and Dwight Howard a thing or two about leading a championship-level ball club.

I’m going to be honest here; I love Patrick Beverly, and I think he has the tools to be a starting point guard in the NBA. But as long as Beverly is the starting point guard, the Rockets will never get to the Finals. That is why the Rockets need Rondo. He is the perfect fit to Harden and Howard, and he will make the other Rockets better.

If I was Daryl Morey, I would be on the phone every day with the Celtics to see what Houston can do to obtain the services of Rondo. He is the type of player who can turn pretenders into contenders, and as it stands right now, the Rockets are more the former than the latter.

If the Rockets truly want to be considered one of the best in the West, they need to do whatever they have to in order to bring Rondo to Southeast Texas.

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