Nate Robinson Will Be the Denver Nuggets' Secret Weapon

By Court Zierk
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For a man who had ACL surgery back in January, Nate Robinson is looking pretty spry. In fact, he posted several videos to his Instagram account of him dunking on his home court in Seattle, Wash. All signs point to him being ready by training camp.

For those of you who have had the opportunity to watch Robinson play, you understand just how dangerous he can be. The man can flat out score with the best of them. Chicago Bulls fans will tell you how big of a factor he was in their playoff run from two years ago, when the Bulls were in such desperate need for a scoring punch in Derrick Rose’s absence.

Although he took a while to assimilate with this Denver Nuggets team, he was finally starting to demonstrate his offensive potency before he went down with a season-ending injury. Now, with a fully healthy Nuggets team surrounding him, Robinson may be the forgotten man in terms of who teams need to account for on a given night.

Sharing the backcourt with Ty Lawson, the two of them may form one of the fiercest one-two point guard combos in the league. Lawson is undoubtedly one of the quickest players in the NBA, and he has the ability to wear down an opposing team’s point guard with his non-stop drives to the basket.

Now, imagine a fresh, and almost equally explosive Robinson entering the game to capitalize on that worn down defender, or even better in some cases their second-tier backup point guard. I don’t think there is a team in the league that can match the speed and explosiveness that these two guards can bring. The Phoenix Suns and Oklahoma City Thunder may be the only two teams that come remotely close.

Now, of course it’s not all puppy dogs and ice cream with these two. While they are certainly the most dynamic duo in the league, they are also the smallest. This presents a whole other set of problems that can be exposed through some smart coaching decisions. But that is where Erick Green becomes such a critical part of this Nuggets team. He can be brought in to add some size and strength to the backcourt.

I truly believe that if the Nuggets do make it to the playoffs this year, we will look back and realize that Robinson was the secret weapon that got them there.

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