Jay Z Is Becoming Worst Nightmare For Oklahoma City Thunder Fans

By Richard Nurse
Oklahoma City Thunder
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Conventional wisdom would make you believe that Kevin Durant was a lock to stay in the city that he made NBA famous after the Seattle Supersonics chose to relocate. But that type of thinking may have been proven wrong once Roc Nation Sports took over the MVP’s management.

With ShawnJay ZCarter at the helm, the predictability of traditional client deals went out the window due, in large part, to his desire to break what he considered the old mold of player representation.

“Those guys [agents] have been sitting around just doing the typical things,” Jay Z said, via Forbes.com in 2013. “Knock on the same doors.  They go to Nike, they do the contract and then they sit back.  They don’t do anything else.”

Roc Nation has been doing everything else. It started with Durant’s split from Gatorade last fall, which led to this July’s deal to endorse a zero calorie carbonated water called Sparkling Ice. And apparently daring to be different continued with the uniquely worded contract that KD allegedly signed with the health food snack company, Kind, to refrain from representing any products that may contain sugars and preservatives.

However, Jay’s biggest basketball move, to date, has definitely been securing his client an offer from Under Armour that is reportedly worth between $265-$285 million for 10 years. That’s at least $20 million per year to leave a sneaker giant (Nike) for a company that has barely even made a peep in athletic footwear.

The significance is that Under Armour is in such close proximity to Durant’s childhood home, merely miles away from the Washington Wizards team he grew up watching. And it all falls in line with his hometown team bringing on his old high school coach and only signing Paul Pierce for the two years that KD is still under his current Oklahoma City Thunder contract.

Call it an effect of the latest LeBron James trend or the hunt for a bigger city, but either way Durant’s exodus has been a fan’s fear ever since the day he scribed the dotted line with Jay Z.

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