Stephen Curry Emerging as New Leader of Team USA

By Kareem Gantt
Stephen Curry
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PG Stephen Curry has been a leader everywhere he has played. But when he was selected to tryout for Team USA for the 2014 FIBA World Cup, he had to accept a role as a complementary player alongside, then team leader Kevin Durant.

Now that Durant is gone, Curry has showcased why he should be Team USA’s new leader. He is making his shots with the same accuracy as he does with the Golden State Warriors. He has also emerged as the team’s leading ball-handler, and has also displayed some defensive chops that few people even knew he had.

I already had Curry penciled in as a look to make Team USA’s final roster, but his play against Puerto Rico on Friday night assured me, and many others, that not only is he guaranteed to make the final cut, but Curry has also emerged as the new leader of Team USA.

So now that Curry has cemented his spot on the final roster, the question is who will be the next one to get cut? Team USA needs size. Anthony Davis is a lock. I also think Andre Durmmond and Kenneth Faried will make the final roster. I also believe that Mason Plumlee will be on the final roster, because we all know that coach Mike Kryzeswski loves to have Duke players on the squad. Though, DeMarcus Cousins will probably be cut.

On the shooting side, Team USA has a wealth of shooters, and this is where I believe Kryzeswki will make his cuts. Unfortunately for Chandler Parsons, Damien Lillard and Kyle Korver, these players will be the most likely to be cut when Kryzeswki makes his final roster cuts on Saturday.

But whichever players wind up on the final roster that will head to Spain to represent America, Curry will lead them. He is a born leader, and he has earned the right to lead Team USA to victory.

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