Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving Is Biggest Winner Of NBA Offseason

By Kareem Gantt
Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers
Getty Images

We all like to declare winners and losers. So when it comes to who the biggest winners and losers are of the 2014 NBA offseason, we can be pretty sure that the Cleveland Cavaliers were the biggest winners and the Miami Heat were the biggest losers.

But the real winner of the offseason was Kyrie Irving, who in just the span of two months went from being the next Mitch Richmond, to being on the fringe of becoming a superstar for a championship contending team. Irving will be the greatest beneficiary of being teammates with LeBron James. James can, and will, mold the young star into a player who can deliver in the biggest of games.

And if this summer was not going well enough for Irving, this past Saturday, he will also have a big man to go to in the paint. Kevin Love will do wonders for Irving’s game, as his dominate inside-out game will allow Irving to drive to the basket with reckless abandon.

At the very least, Irving will no longer have to carry on his shoulders a franchise that was previously content on being mediocre. Irving is used to winning, and losing in Cleveland, despite his denials, was beginning to get to him. But now, for the foreseeable future, Irving doesn’t have to worry about losing. In the span of just two months, Irving has seen the talent go from Death Valley to Mount Everest. Irving now has to be excited about being on a team that will be contending for championships on a yearly basis rather than just trying to just make the playoffs.

And that is why Irving was the biggest winner of all in the offseason.

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