Denver Nuggets Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Can’t Take a Hint, Still Want Timofey Mozgov

By Court Zierk
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Rumors began circulating a few weeks back that the Cleveland Cavaliers had contacted the Denver Nuggets to discuss a possible trade scenario involving starting center Timofey Mozgov. At the time, the proposal included a future first-round draft pick from the Cavaliers in return, an option that did not appeal to the Nuggets, and talks quickly died down. Or at least we thought.

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, on Cleveland radio, stated that the Cavaliers have been trying to work out a trade for Mozgov for the past six to eight weeks. Clearly, the Cavaliers de facto GM, LeBron James, cannot take a hint.

Realistically, the Cavaliers have nothing of value to offer the Nuggets, which won’t part ways with Mozgov without a highly attractive package in return. The only assets would be of any interest to the Nuggets are those that are most undoubtedly deemed off limits by the Cavs, i..e. Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.

Also, there aren’t many trade scenarios that even work out when factoring in players’ contracts. A Tristan Thompson trade straight up for Mozgov works out financially, but it wouldn’t make much sense for a Nuggets team that already has a star power forward in Kenneth Faried. The Cavs likely wouldn’t view that as an even trade, so would require more in return, which then puts the trade over the tax line.

There just aren’t many other scenarios that make any sense or work out financially, so the Cavs would probably be wise to move on.

The Nuggets haven’t budged, wisely so, nor is it likely that they will. I’m not opposed to dangling Mozgov out there, especially if they are banking on Jusuf Nurkic becoming their center of the future, but the Cavs don’t make any sense as a trade partner. It is frankly becoming a bit presumptuous that they still view themselves as a viable option.

Please move on LeBron. There’s nothing to see here.

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