Golden State Warriors Will Prove to Be West's Most Overrated Team

By Kareem Gantt
Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
Getty Images

How many years have we spent trying to push the Golden State Warriors into the upper echelon of the Western Conference? Ever since the Warriors became a good team, we have been trying to find every excuse we could to try to put the Warriors in the same class as the San Antonio SpursOklahoma City Thunder and Los Angeles Clippers.

Well, maybe it’s time to burst the bubble and tell it like it is. The Warriors will never be true contenders in the West.

Now don’t get me wrong. The Warriors are still a playoff-worthy team. Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson forms one of the deadliest backcourts in the NBA. David Lee is a man among boys in the paint, and Harrison Barnes has developed into a solid player.

But what will continue to bring the Warriors down is size. Golden State is just too small to play with the big boys in the West. Andrew Bogut can’t stay on the floor long enough to have a presence. Even worst, the Warriors have no capable inside presence after Bogut. This was the main reason why the Warriors were interested in getting Kevin Love, but they could not let go of their loyalty to Thompson to reach a deal.

That may cost them not only this season, but for seasons to come. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves and saying that the Warriors are contenders in the West, because they’re not. They are a playoff team at best, and until they can upgrade their roster, this is the team they will be.

Sorry, Warriors fans. The truth hurts sometimes.

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