Kevin Love Brings Deadly Outlet Pass To Cleveland Cavaliers

By phillipnaessens
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY

Much has already been made of the Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers trade. We can argue the merits of the trade until we are blue in the face; we can dissect this trade and argue who got the better end of the deal until the cows come home and it won’t do a single bit of good. What’s done is done, and there isn’t anything anyone of us can do about it.

I’m a critic of Love; in fact I’m a harsh one. Anyone who’s ever listened to my radio show knows I’m definitely not a fan of Love, but there is plenty of good in the man’s game like in this video below.

This video demonstrates one of the least talked about attributes in Love’s game and that’s his ability to get the ball to the open man for a fast break after a defensive rebound. He’s the best in the world at this, my friend.

Remember how the Miami Heat used to score points quickly with long passes? If you don’t below is a video to remind you.

The Heat were one of the best at this but LeBron James, being the genius that he is, put this thing on steroids with the addition of  Love. Just imagine a Cavaliers opponent missing a jump shot, Love grabbing the rebound and chest passing the ball down court to a streaking James or Dion Waiters for a quick bucket.

This Cavaliers team is going to be deadly offensively.

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