Kevin Love Will Need To Be The Cleveland Cavaliers’ Chris Bosh

By Richard Nurse
Chris Bosh
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The NBA season has not even started yet, and Kevin Love has already taken on the role of LeBron JamesChris Bosh — not by choice, but by pundit and fan designation. And the first shot was not even cast by a Cleveland Cavaliers rival.

“I question Kevin if this is going to be the best deal for him because I think he’s going to be the third player on the team,” Glen Taylor said to ESPN Radio 1500. “I don’t think he’s going to get a lot of credit if they do really well. I think he’ll get blame if they don’t do well.”

If you heard the Minnesota Timberwolves owner’s quote without mention of Love’s name, you would have thought it was a description of Bosh’s inaugural four-year stint in South Beach. No matter what he did or how much the Miami Heat organization praised their third wheel as the most important piece to the puzzle, he was relentlessly abused and labeled the scapegoat.

Much like Bosh, Love will be asked to sacrifice his superstar numbers but not his All-Star status. He will be all but guaranteed a spot in the mid-February Classic strictly based on the fact that he’s a known name playing next to James. However, a change is bound to come as each of his stats steadily drop.

The question is, will he be comfortable not only getting knocked down one peg, but two?

At a seemingly cocky 25 years old, he could be too young with too much potential to be the guy in the shadows of the King and Kyrie Irving. Yet people fail to realize that Bosh was only a year older when he decided to take a seat behind Dwyane Wade and James on the Heatles’ bus. Which is why many believe that Love is willing to do the same in order to toss losses in the name of a chance to chase a championship. But only time will tell if he’s able to accept the strenuous role of being blamed and least praised — and actually attempting to play defense. That’s the only way he’ll finally climb to Bosh’s level.

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