New York Knicks' Iman Shumpert Showcases His Acting Skills

By Gustavo Braga
Getty Images
Getty Images

New York Knicks shooting guard Iman Shumpert has recently made headlines in the New York sports world by indirectly criticizing the way his last coach Mike Woodson utilized him on the court. He said he was anxious to play under the new system to be implemented in New York, the triangle offense, which will theoretically put him in better positions to score during basketball games.

Nevertheless, Shumpert has a reputation to maintain of being a defensive force and the poster boy for athleticism for the Knicks. Since day one of the offseason he has been working hard on his game, trying to keep himself in shape for the upcoming season. The kid is a warrior and a guy who won’t take anything for granted; he makes sure to prove it on and off the court.

Speaking of off the court though, Shumpert also has a few other interests. He has dabbled as a rapper a couple of times and actually succeeded in terms of the critics and the reception his work had. No, the Grammy is not a trophy he is going to be chasing anytime soon, but he is interested in areas other than basketball.

This past week, a trailer/prank was released in which Shumpert plays a body guard for a powerful man who does not want to be contacted. The 6-foot-5 guard plays it very well and scares the life out of the people involved.

It’s a must watch if you enjoy seeing your favorite players doing things that don’t relate to basketball. Who knows, maybe his acting skills and his Hollywood connections will bring good energy to a guy who is trying to bounce back from a dismal 2013-14 season. Maybe getting his head off the game and focusing on extracurricular activities is what he needs to fulfill the potential we all know he’s got.


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