The Los Angeles Clippers Are In Love With Doc Rivers

By Terri Washington
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The Los Angeles Clippers like their head coach Doc Rivers and they want to put a ring on it. When Rivers was acquired from the Boston Celtics, he not only became the coach, he became the Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations for the team. The players were giddy to play for him, and the organization was excited to be led by Rivers.

Rivers led the Clippers to a franchise history best with 57 wins last season. Not only were the wins up and their position in the Western Conference solid, but Rivers helped guide the team during the most trying time in franchise history, the Donald Sterling saga.

Rivers took on the persona as the voice, feelings and emotions for every Clippers player and fan during that ordeal. The Clippers’ organization knew Rivers was the real deal when he was celebrating, highfiving and tearing up with Clipper Nation during the final seconds of game seven of the of first round of the 2014 playoffs against the Golden State Warriors. His reaction signified that the players were not the only ones going through this nightmare; every person tied to the Clippers’ organization was united in moving forward and putting the past behind them.

Now, the Clippers have extended Rivers contract for five years and $50 million, and they promoted him to President of Basketball Operations, giving him all the power when it comes to his team.

Rivers has been an integral part of the Clippers’ success and unity; some would justify the adoration as completely deserving, but realistically, Rivers has yet to do anything with the Clippers that deserves this much praise and power.

Rivers led the team to just one more win than previous head coach Vinny Del Negro did in the season prior. The Clippers clinched their second division title in two seasons, the first being under Del Negro. Rivers took the team to the Western Conference Semifinals, which is the same round they reached with Del Negro in 2012.

Regardless of whether or not Rivers is worthy, the Clippers are all in with Rivers. The relationship between the organization and Rivers would make any single person jealous of the commitment they share. Rivers is not only respected, but he’s cherished by the Clippers. If Rivers can lead the Clippers to the Larry O’Brien Trophy within the next five years, a championship ring won’t be the only ring Rivers gets from the Clippers.

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