V. Stiviano Refuses To Let Her Star Fade

By Terri Washington
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V. Stiviano is the infamous woman who taped the conversation with former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in which he made racist remarks that ultimately ousted him out of the NBA. Since the tapes were released and the numerous legal battles continued to wage on, Stiviano’s presence was no longer needed or wanted. Unfortunately, Stiviano refuses to go down without a fight.

In recent weeks, Stiviano has taken to social media to slander Sterling even further. In early August, she posted a photo on her Instagram of herself and a little girl wearing Stiviano’s laughably famous, face-covering visor and a Clippers hat. Stiviano captioned the photo with a long, nonsensical blurb alluding to the 4-year-old girl in the photo being her daughter with Sterling. Stiviano has since removed the caption, but the photo remains.

Stiviano has now changed her tune and claims that she and Sterling never had a sexual relationship because he is gay and “enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males,” and received the gifts and money through an arrangement to be his “beard” in which Sterling’s wife had full knowledge.. Stiviano filed documents on Aug. 22 in response to the lawsuit filed against her from Sterling’s estranged wife, Rochelle Sterling. The lawsuit filed against Stiviano claims that she received $2.5 million in gifts and money in exchange for a sexual relationship with Sterling without the consent or knowledge of Sterling’s wife.

This is another ploy, of what assumingly will be many, for Stiviano to attempt to remain relevant. Now that the sale is done and Steve Ballmer is the new Clippers owner, she has no purpose. Her claims are not only scattered, they are not helping her stay in the limelight for an extensive period of time. Stiviano will continue to pop in and out of the news with outlandish claims about Sterling while Clipper Nation and NBA fans roll their eyes and yawn. She will have to stop trying to make herself happen because she is not going to happen.

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