Tracy McGrady Comeback Attempt Is Useless

By Nick Villano
Tracy McGrady
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The last memory we have of Tracy McGrady was a good one. He was on the pitchers mound for the Sugar Land Skeeters. He just got his first career strikeout in the All-Star game, and he announced his retirement after the game.

We all thought that now McGrady could go off into the sunset of his professional sports career. He was able to be one of the best players of this generation in the NBA, then was able to have a short career in another sport.

The last time we saw him on a basketball court, he was a twelfth man on the Western Conference Champion San Antonio Spurs. He just wasn’t a competitive basketball player anymore.

The word on the street is McGrady has been working out with Kobe Bryant trying to see if he could possibly make a comeback. This is a terrible idea. He hasn’t played a full season since he was a bench player for the 2011-12 Atlanta Hawks.

Who knows what is making him think of coming back. He could see that his cousin Vince Carter is still making decent money as a sixth man. Maybe he feels healthy after giving his body a break from the regular grind of an NBA season. Either way, this is still a bad idea.

There will not be a team that bites on McGrady. He doesn’t have anything left to give to a team except a famous name. There are undrafted free agents who could provide more at this point. This is just another pathetic attempt for a player past his prime to try to continue to cash a paycheck. It won’t work this time.

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