Carmelo Anthony Made Bad Business Decision Not Accepting Chicago Bulls' 2-Year Deal

By Kristen Fazio
carmelo anthony chicago bulls
Getty Images

Quite fittingly, after duking it out with the New York Knicks in competition for Carmelo Anthony‘s services, the Chicago Bulls will open their season against the aforementioned Knicks. It was recently reported that Anthony turned down the Bulls’ two-year contract offer to remain in New York, but it may end up being a business decision that will cost him.

Much like the deal LeBron James agreed to with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Bulls offered Anthony a two-year deal that would have allowed him to again become a free agent in 2016, when he could re-sign for the max with many Bulls contracts coming off the books and a new NBA TV deal in the works. James, a savvy businessman himself, made a smart financial decision and has every intention of re-upping with the Cavaliers in two years.

Had Anthony followed in James’ footsteps, he not only would have gotten a fair two-year deal upfront, but would have likely ended up earning even more than the Knicks were able to offer him this past July. It doesn’t seem to make sense from a financial or basketball standpoint and is clear that Anthony fully intended on staying in New York all along.

The Bulls will have the opportunity to show Anthony just what he missed out on when they play in Madison Square Garden on October 29. Bulls fans will certainly let him know that he made a mistake when he comes to the Windy City for the first time on December 18.

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